Professional Remote Control Quadcopter Drone with GPS


An advanced quadcopter designed for the RC enthusiast. This model can be flown with superb stability thanks to the inbuilt altitude/position hold feature. It will hover by itself meaning constant throttle adjustments are not required. Features an onboard GPS which allows the quad to return to its starting position automatically. Flick the "turn back" toggle switch on the remote and the quad will RTH (return to home) like an obedient robot drone by flying upwards, then towards its origin then slowly desecending automatically, landing and switching of its rotors. Spring action on the remote control permits fine adjustments to mid-air positioning.

To assist with directional judgement, red and blue LEDs are located on opposing ends of the shafts. Drawing inspiration from 'Batteries Not Included' two eyeball-like LEDs sit at the front of the unit, giving this flying automoton a semi-sentient appearance.

With additional attachments available seperately, a GoPro® can be mounted to the underbelly. There is a standard bracket (GT-4042) for taking fixed position footage. We also have a gymbal mount for GoPro® Hero 3 (GT-4044) that will result in excellent video stability with minimal vibration from the chopper. This is the ultimate addition for documentary style video smoothness and professionalism. See our video of the gymbal in action.

A final note: This is not a toy, although hours of fun can be had flying it around we recommend it to the more hardcore RC enthusiast crowd.

Watch our helpful videos online on how to assemble, control, and fly this like a professional.

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