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RIOS Arm Contorl Software - SSC-32 version
RIOS (Robotic arm Interactive Operating System) is a Windows 95/98SE/2000/XP program for controlling the L5 and L6 Robotic Arms with the SSC-32. With RIOS, your robot can be taught sequences of motion via the mouse or joystick. This extremely powerful program uses external inputs to affect the robot's motion for closed loop projects. External outputs can also be controlled. 3D image capture is possible with a GP2D12.
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SSC-32 Sequencer
Lynxmotion Visual Sequencer is a Windows XP program for controlling anything you build using up to 32 servos using the SSC-32. The main screen allows you to add servo control boxes, and position them on a grid. This visual representation of the robot makes it easier to position the servos for each sequence. Lots of other features. The program will even generate Basic Atom and Basic Stamp 2 code as well.